What is Your Company Culture Going to be After COVID19?

Photo by Markus Winkler

Apr. 20, 2020

It’s not easy to imagine what the world might look like after COVID19. While the virus will pass, unemployment is rising, and questions remain about the economy. And then there’s the inevitable strain and stress that will come with returning to the workplace.

Sure, some employees will return with a renewed sense of drive and purpose. However, not everyone will be happy, and some workers might even feel resentful that you let them go. Maybe you have similar concerns about the future of your business?

The truth is, nobody knows how this situation will play out, and this is exactly why forward-thinking leaders are using this time to plan ahead and rebuild their company culture.

Why Company Culture is the Key Enabler Post COVID19

In a recent survey, the National Small Business Association stated that more than 35% of small business owners are worried about the financial security of their business. It’s true, many business owners are likely stressed about letting staff go these past couple of months. Most businesses are also struggling to pay wages, while uninspiring forecasts bring little more than anxiety and pain to an already troubled balance sheet.

But what’s this got to do with company culture?

Well, employees tend to work better when their values and needs are aligned with those in the workplace. Establishing a great company culture helps create an environment in which employees can feel this way about their work. Company culture is also the birthplace of productivity and the source of “belonging” that coworkers feel between one another. And when employees are tasked with keeping things fresh or coming up with innovative ideas, it’s the company culture that brings and holds everything together.

Moral of the story: Company culture is the key enabler for a greater sense of togetherness and an increase in productivity and profit in the workplace.

About Using Company Culture to Thrive Post-COVID19

Employers need to think about what they are going to do when they bring people back to the workplace. Whether this refers to existing staff or new employees, it’s important to realize that things have changed, and it will never be “business as usual” again. In many ways, we might even compare this situation to 9/11 and how those attacks not only heightened the need for surveillance but also changed airport security forever. For this reason, a progressive mindset will be needed in the wake of COVID19 and creating a good company culture can help employees navigate and thrive during the uncertain times ahead.

Creating a company culture is also not as formal as it may sound and something that can inject enthusiasm into the workplace. For instance, I recently developed a board game that is part of a company culture workshop I run. You can participate in these workshops in person or online, and the board game is all about creating a company culture that helps your people thrive. This game is friendly, fun competition that prompts safe conversation. It gets everyone talking about new ideas in a positive environment and creating programs that will make your company a great place to work.

Final Thoughts

“Company Culture” is sometimes bandied about and used as a buzzword which can detract somewhat from the meaning. However, any forward-thinking leader will know that company culture is not only the backbone of a business but also the key enabler that will help their people grow and thrive long after COVID19.