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When Our Clients Are Happy and Successful We Are Too.

Stephanie is a true professional.

“I recently had the opportunity to work with Stephanie during my recent career transition. Stephanie was top notch. She listened, was authentic, flexible, and helped me understand what I needed to do and how to put the plan into action. I have no doubt she always had my best interests in mind. She helped me better understand my strengths as an executive, how to differentiate myself from others, and how to highlight my competitive advantages. Stephanie is personable, genuine, a great coach and motivator. Our interview practice sessions and resume building and review process has helped me immensely. Stephanie is a true professional. But most important, she is a people person and knows how to get the best out of you. Thank you Stephanie!” Corbett Howard, Vice President global vacation ownership exchange company

I enthusiastically recommend attending this seminar.

I attended the Mastering Strategic Thinking seminar. Stephanie was brilliant in the basics! There were about 10 other CEOs and Entrepreneurs in the room and everyone gained valuable knowledge about thinking strategically. For me, I loved the information taught by Stephanie regarding sustaining the competitive business advantages: with that came these thought provoking questions that really facilitated how a leader thinks and how to solve problems. For organizational growth, to create positive culture, for knowledge about strategically thinking and not being all over the place in your b2b and/or b2c….I enthusiastically recommend attending this seminar. In business….Time is $$$$! Excellent Return on Investment (ROI)! Burnett C Sheppard, Sr. Security Consultant

A precursor to strategic planning.

“Your seminar on Strategic Thinking provides an entrepreneur with a precursor to strategic planning. Any planning requires a good amount of thinking. Your presentation was simply telling us how to avoid pitfalls and view any challenge from different directions and points of view, and simply set aside time to just think.” Mort Moosavy, PE, QCxP

Designs and delivers training sessions that create a positive impact.

“Stephanie is an excellent HR professional I had the pleasure of working with for management training in communications. She is an utmost professional in her field of HR and works diligently in designing and delivering training sessions that create a positive impact to its audience members. Stephanie effectively balances the importance of the topic at hand and the humor so needed in the delivery and retention of material. I would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone wanting to develop their company into a high performing organization.” Eloisa Valdez, Human Resource Director

Yours is the class I learned the most from

“Thanks, Stephanie.  Yours is the class I learned the most from and has made the biggest impact on me and my future business success. You pointed out where I was floundering and gave me a path out of the quagmire. My road to success probably has some speed bumps ahead, but I will be able to maneuver through them by strategically thinking through the steps for success with positive confidence.” D. Black

The knowledge I have gained from Stephanie is irreplaceable

Stephanie has great leadership skills that keeps each of us accountable and makes sure we are living up to our own expectations. I believe it has been a huge part in propelling my business to the next level. The knowledge I have gained from Stephanie is irreplaceable.” Jennifer Nielson

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