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Company Culture is a game for team building, department meetings and company events. It's about what makes a great company culture and what helps your people thrive. This game will get everyone talking about ideas and creating positive programs that make your company a great place to work! And you’ll also get to see what it's like to walk in somebody else's shoes. You’ll have positive, productive fun & create a company culture of Traction not Transaction™!    Enjoy!
“Traction not Transaction™ is the company’s mission to help employees gain emotional traction to grow within the organization well beyond transactional fulfilling of job duties.” 
  Stephanie Angelo, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Company Culture…It’s Not a Game…Unless it is! – Here’s what you’ll get in your Half-Day Workshop!

Hands-on interactive session with the first-ever board game designed to illustrate what is and is not a great company culture to help attendees compare and contrast important benefits, features and attributes to discover how they can apply it to their own organizations.

Why play “Company Culture – a Game of Workplace Traction not Transaction”?                       

This game is about getting people within companies to talk to each other. It’s about what we, as human beings, value and what people find important at the workplace.  It covers some items from policies and procedures and U.S. Federal laws, and most of all what makes a company really great- its culture!  Culture can be described as the personality of the company.  While pay and benefits are very, very important, people want to be valued, to feel they are contributing, that their voices are heard, and their presence is appreciated.  Create that, and you’ve created a great Company Culture! 
  The discussion and creative company culture improvement decisions that evolve from this workshop are inspiring!
  Participants create exciting initiatives for their organization.
  • Here’s what your half-day workshop includes:
  • Diving into Company Culture.
  • What are the benefits, features and attributes of a great company culture?
  • How Will You Measure Your Initiative?
  • Hands-on interactive game-playing session.
  • Debrief, Identify, Brainstorm and Create!
  • Making your company vision come alive.

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The game "Company Culture" creates the opportunity for open communication as participants are presented with several issues that commonly arise in the workplace. Players discuss different scenarios and consequences from different perspectives, as either exempt or non-exempt employees. The concept of "Traction not Transaction" comes through because "Company Culture" stimulates open communication to create actionable items to really create positive workplace traits, not just talk about them. We all want to spend our day in a workplace that embodies a culture that demonstrates positive values and where people enjoy coming to work, feel appreciated and are acknowledged. Playing "Company Culture" is an extremely effective team-building activity that can be used over and over to work toward those goals!
Dr. J. Ziol
I think the game is an essential asset to any company as it highlights the importance of understanding one another between higher and lower level employees which is something that is lacking in many businesses. It's thought provoking while not forgetting that having fun is just as important as the conversation itself.
Aaron P.
Playing this game activated my prior knowledge of all the roles in a company. It also helped me to reinforce what I was currently learning. The game helped me to develop future professional goals! Learning was fun and I love learning something new everyday especially improving my vocabulary! Thanks for valuing my opinion. You are very creative and I love learning from you!
Mary Dee Jimenez
I loved the game for the fun but more importantly for the conversations it could open up in a company, among the leaders and the employees of that company.
Cheri F.
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