Ethiture® - Where Ethics and Culture Merge - Ethical Standards and The Culture You Create

Where does culture come from? How do the various types of culture emerge and what is the effect on your organization? In this unique program we’ll define both ethics and culture and explore how ethics are derived from your personal values, experience, culture, religion and background. Participants discover how ethical values and culture merge and learn the value of a healthy, Built to Thrive® workplace culture.

This program fulfills the Ethics requirements for HRCI and may be eligible for CEUs in your organization.

Want the full experience?  See the Company Culture Game® Workshop!

Built to Thrive®- How to “Slay the Villain of Stagnation” for a Fulfilling and Purposeful Life

Being Built to Thrive® means having the traits, habits, and mindset that enable you to flourish and lead a fulfilling life. Having the right qualities and characteristics can help you navigate life’s challenges, pursue your goals and aspirations, and experience greater well-being and happiness. When you’re Built to Thrive®, you have the foundation for a fulfilling and purposeful life.

In this inspiring, story-filled keynote, Stephanie illustrates the key characteristics, and the tools of people who succeed and how they “Slay the Villain of Stagnation” to be Built to Thrive® individuals.

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