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Career transition/job readiness and preparation.
It happened. You were laid off. Your company is “Going in another direction”, or offshoring your job or even closing a location.
Whatever it is, you are out of work.  You know outplacement services are the answer.
What do do? It’s been years since you’ve had an interview. Your résumé has gathered dust and your job search skills are out of date. Your first impression, the résumé, will fail the “8 second test”.
Stephanie has over 20 years’ experience helping people with every step from coping with the initial shock to the “I got hired!” celebration, and has worked as a career coach with the nation’s most sought-after career coaching organizations.
This is a partnership that will get you back on track. Stephanie skillfully coaches you through the editorial changes and revisions to your resume. You do the changes with her guidance and expertise. Why? Because otherwise it would be putting words into your mouth. No one understands your experience and accomplishments the way you do. Stephanie helps you bring it to quantitative results and breathes life into it in a way that will make recruiters take notice. 
No matter where you are, Stephanie can help.
Do you want to pass the”8 second test”?
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Attention Employers:

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If you have clients that are laying off employees and those employees want to revise their resumes to create a document that eye-catching and emphasizes quantifiable results, I can help. I’m a career transition coach that worked for Right Management Consultants and Navigator Executive Advisors. I can create resumes that will get recruiters attention and survive the dreaded “8 second rule”.

How do I know this? Because I was a recruiter.  I know what they look for and what they toss aside.  I started my human resources career in 1988. A lot of people say that they can help with resume writing but only people who are actually Recruiters or in Human Resources – in the trenches know. The only ones who really know what recruiters want and what they’re looking for in job candidates are people who recruit.

During my 16 years as a professional speaker I continued to server what I call “retail clients” to offer career transition, resume writing, and career search coaching.

I’m skilled in behavioral & accomplishment-based resume design, coaching in interview questions and answers, preparing for interviews, what to ask of the prospective employer, what to ask about the company and the employees. I offer assistance and how to seek jobs, what sites to post on and how to network. Together we rehearse interviews, “oddball questions”, negotiation skills, how to prepare for on-boarding and how to make it a successful experience.

Please let your clients know. And if their former employees reach out to me, I may be contacting you to verify their former employment.

The offer: For the remainder of 2020, I will offer my career transition, resume writing assistance, and job search coaching, at reduced rate, for people who were employed by a client that you served.

“I recently had the opportunity to work with Stephanie during my recent career transition. Stephanie was top notch. She listened, was authentic, flexible, and helped me understand what I needed to do and how to put the plan into action. I have no doubt she always had my best interests in mind. She helped me better understand my strengths as an executive, how to differentiate myself from others, and how to highlight my competitive advantages. Stephanie is personable, genuine, a great coach and motivator. Our interview practice sessions and resume building and review process has helped me immensely. Stephanie is a true professional. But most important, she is a people person and knows how to get the best out of you. Thank you Stephanie!”
Corbett Howard
Vice President Travel & Vacation Industry
Stephanie and I met during an online HR convention. It must have been fate! In our few interactions Stephanie was able to help point me in the right direction to better learn more on how I can succeed in my role as an HR manager and helped me to understand some concepts that I was struggling with. In a time of need I reached out again and Stephanie was able to help us revise my fiance's resume. This was such a turning point for us. He had been applying to over 100's of positions with no calls back. Once Stephanie provided some guidance we followed her advise and revised his resume and almost instantly starting getting calls for interviews. My fiance was able to get an interview for a job paying him over $20K more than where he was at. I highly recommend Stephanie to help not only with your HR needs, but also to help in resume revision. She was a godsend for us! I'm so grateful I met her and value her input and guidance.
Heather Casper
Human Resource Director
Dear Stephanie, Thank you very much for your help and expertise. It was a great experience to have you as my coach on helping me with resume writing, interviewing, and negotiation skills. Great job!
Chris Crismon
VP Facilities Management

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