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Mastering Strategic Thinking for Maximum Success in Your Organization

Leaders, Managers and Human Resource Professionals are often confused by what is, and is not, Strategic Thinking. They may fall easily into traps and make expensive mistakes to the detriment of their company. This session will help attendees grasp the Strategic Thinking differences that will help them have a positive impact on the organization’s bottom line, strategic goals, and objectives.

Companies need to constantly innovate to stay ahead of the competition. A company content to stand still eventually becomes stagnant and loses market-share.  You need to be skilled and informed to adapt to ever- changing environments.  You need motivation and inspiration to breakthrough to the next level. You need a compass, a guidebook and directions.

How Leaders Make Workplace Accountability Cool

You have to be creative and innovative when it comes to affecting human behavior.  In this seminar we’ll stimulate the most effective ways of ensuring and supporting individuals’ accountability, value-adding teams. and reveal the many measurable benefits to the company and its impact on competitive advantage.

You’ll discover a creative and unique method to design collaborative accountability strategies for teams at your workplace.

Employee Development Mastermind

This seven week work-group experience will develop your employees in select personal, job specific and career specific dimensions. This program can be stand-alone or as an add-on to ensure our training programs take hold and new skills become second nature.

Company Culture Game & Workshop

Hands-on interactive session with the first-ever board game designed to illustrate what is and is not a great company culture to help attendees compare and contrast important benefits, features and attributes to discover how they can apply it to their own organizations.

Working from home was once considered an oddity or sometimes a luxury.  Current times have driven a large percentage on “non-essential” workers to card table offices in their kitchen.  But is it only temporary?  Studies show we are looking at a permanent change, and most organizations are not prepared for staff members who they may only see through a computer monitor while caring for kids, navigating health issues on tele-med, calming barking dogs and competing for broadband. This session will help leaders, supervisors and Human Resource professionals boot up their mental modems and byte into Virtual Reality.  

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