Remote - It’s Not Just for TVs Anymore

Remote – It’s Not Just for TVs Anymore

Working from home was once considered an oddity or sometimes a luxury.  Current times have driven a large percentage on “non-essential” workers to card table offices in their kitchen.  But is it only temporary?  Studies show we are looking at a permanent change, and most organizations are not prepared for staff members who they may only see through a computer monitor while caring for kids, navigating health issues on tele-med, calming barking dogs and competing for broadband. This session will help leaders, supervisors and Human Resource professionals boot up their mental modems and byte into Virtual Reality.  

  1. Emotional Ups and Downs of Remote Workers
  2. Helping Them be More Productive/Tips to Be More Productive
  3. Internet Dead Zones and Downtimes
  4. Expectations/Policies/Cybersecurity
  5. What If You Have to Terminate?
  6. Engaging & Rewarding Remote Employees

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will review current research on how COVID19 is currently affecting our business and economic environment and what to expect in the post pandemic future.
  • Participants will discuss best practices for recruiting and retaining a productive remote workforce.

  • Participants will learn where cyber security weak spots might hide and suggestions for protecting their organization and employees.


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