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7 Reasons You Want a Trained Facilitator

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How is it Different?

As a facilitator, one of the most consistent questions I’m asked about my mastermind groups is, “Is it a networking group?”

While there’s no doubt that networking certainly occurs between the members of the mastermind group, relationships are built and cross referrals happen on a consistent and regular basis.

But at the end of the day, true mastermind groups and networking groups are very different. In a networking group you’ll meet lots of people and it’s really up to you whether you build on those relationships; and have coffee with people outside the regular meetings, or talk to each other about your businesses.

There may also be educational sessions, but nobody’s holding you accountable to make sure that you apply what you’ve learned. But a mastermind group is significantly different. A mastermind group is about accomplishing your goals and holding you accountable to build and grow your own business. And the only way that that’s going to happen is to have a skilled and trained facilitator at the helm.

Here are seven more reasons why having a skilled facilitator is so important.
  1. Not the Chairperson of the Board

A trained Mastermind facilitator knows how to bring out the discussion. They know how to make sure that no one person overwhelms the conversation and monopolizes the group’s time while others sit back quietly, not speaking.  And not being heard.

They will make sure the meeting moves according to the agenda but draw out participation from everyone.

Trained facilitators know how to keep the Mastermind groups structured and moving so that there is value for every minute spent in the Mastermind.

  1. Unbiased

Having an “outsider”, as trained facilitator will also ensure you that you have an impartial and unbiased individual guiding your group. When you have a facilitator who is not a part of your organization, and is completely unbiased yet cares deeply about the success of each individual member, than members of the Mastermind group feel comfortable in confiding with the group. The outside facilitator makes the Mastermind group of safe space to speak honestly, opening without fear of reprisal or embarrassment.

  1. Have Your Success Top of Mind

A trained facilitator also has the skill set to make group members successful.  Mastermind group members grow their businesses at a much greater rate than individuals who are not in Mastermind groups.  If you want your investment to pay off join a group with a trained facilitator.

The facilitator doesn’t answer to a corporation whose agenda must be met.  They have a vested interest in individual member success.  Every member’s.  No other business group environment can equal that claim.  Gymnastics teams yes, business groups – you’re not going to find anything comparable.

  1. Not Your One-to-One Coach

While there can be elements of coaching in a mastermind group the facilitator’s purpose is to make sure that all of the members participate, and help all members with value-adding suggestions; giving resources so that each member has a plethora of information they can apply to their own businesses.  In our groups sometimes the “homework” assignment for one translates into similar goals for the rest of the members.  There’s a good deal of anticipation for the next meeting, “How did yours go?”

Trained Mastermind facilitators are knowledgeable about goal setting and accountability. They know how to make it much more effective than simple brainstorming sessions.  If you want to get things done, be in a Mastermind group with a trained facilitator.

If you want to accomplish your goals you’ll get better “bang for your buck” by going with a group that has a trained Mastermind group facilitator.

  1. It’s a Dirty Job – But Someone’s Gotta Do It

It isn’t a dirty job. Not at all, not even close.  But it did get you to keep reading!

Your facilitator will take on all the logistics of your meeting: time, place, refreshments, note taking, follow-up, message boards, PR, meeting agendas, honestly the list goes on.  And we love doing it.  Even the administrative parts of everything behind the scenes is an aspect that makes for healthy, thriving and productive groups.  Thriving productive groups are comprised of thriving and productive individuals.

  1. Celebrating Your Success

What a party!  We have the same pride in our individual member’s successes as we would if they were our kids.  Like peacocks puffing their chests out.  It’s like, “We did that together!” when one person achieves a milestone, or a goal.  Whether it’s learning to do their own accounting or landing the most elusive client for a six-figure project.  Every success is a celebration. Just writing this blog makes me look forward to our next meeting!

  1. Full Circle

We’re talking about trained facilitators here, right?  So we’re talking about people who have spent their own money and time to complete a course or certification; an investment in themselves so that they can translate that into an investment into you. If you’re a member of a group and your success is stemming from your facilitator’s skills – then tell someone.  Tell a lot of someones.  Give credit where it’s due.  Your facilitator succeeds when you succeed. It comes back to them full circle.

The Benefits of Hiring a Business Coach

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If you are thinking of hiring a business coach to help you grow your company or brand, you should be aware that a business coach is not an end-all solution. Business coaches are fantastic for many reasons, but you should know that there are limitations to the one-on-one interaction you get from a business coach. Sometimes, joining a collaborative team like a Mastermind Group can provide more benefit, like information, experience, support and accountability that you can’t get from one business coach alone.

The Benefits of Hiring a Business Coach

Business coaches do offer a wealth of benefit. This kind of relationship provides you with an expert opinion and individualized attention from a single person. They can help you overcome creative blocks and find new motivation. They can give you advice about the more technical, logistical and financial aspects of running a business. Having someone on your side, dedicated to your success helps you to improve on your strengths, work on your weaknesses and boost your confidence.

Running a business is extremely tough, especially if you’ve never done it before. Having the support of friends and family is great, but a business coach can offer a more objective perspective and help you see the reality of a situation in addition to rooting for you.

What a Business Coach Can’t Do That Mastermind Groups Can

While a business coach can be valuable to your growing business, there are limits to what you can get from an individual. One person can offer only one point of view, one opinion on a specific matter, a limited set of skills and experience as well as limited time. If they aren’t available or if you find you don’t like working with them, you’ll have to put in the time to find someone else.

Thankfully, there are Mastermind Groups.

Mastermind Groups offer an amalgam of support, accountability, education, brainstorming and information from a wide array of people. These groups aren’t classes, group coaching or networking groups. Instead, the main focuses are on:

  • Group brainstorming
  • Accountability between group members
  • Information passed from member to member, not from leader to members
  • Sharing thoughts and opinions over leads and resources

The main benefit of a Mastermind Group is that you have more than one person to help you. Everyone in the group is dedicated to the success and growth of everyone else. Instead of being told what you should do by one person, you can listen to the ideas and experiences of different people, take what you want and leave what you don’t.

Another fantastic benefit of Mastermind Groups is that, unlike a Business Coach, you have the opportunity to share your experiences and thoughts with the other people in the group. With a Business Coach, the knowledge goes in one direction. Mastermind Groups facilitate a balanced distribution of brainstorming among all members.

With a Mastermind Group, you not only get information from multiple people, but you have a whole village of people to support you and hold you accountable. It can be argued that multiple people rooting for you and helping you grow is a better system than only having one person in your corner. If you share your goals and business focuses with many people, that’s more people who will be asking you how things are going and for updates on your progress.

There is nothing wrong with hiring a Business Coach. In fact many people find them invaluable. But you may want to consider also attending some Mastermind Groups in order to increase the amount of support you are getting for your goals.



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