Special Event – Company Culture is Not a Game…Unless It Is

                                         Are You Ready to Tackle Culture in 2021?
                                        Join Us for a 3 hour virtual culture workshop!
                                                 March 24, 2021 | 9:00 am – Noon.
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Company Culture – It’s Not a Game…Unless it is!

Let’s be honest.  Right now, at this point in 2020, we’re in a “make it or break it” situation.  How you react to the current times is critical.  My mother used to say, “What are you waiting for, an engraved invitation?” when we made excuses for not doing something we knew we needed to do. What are you waiting for?  

It’s not all gloom and doom! There are great thriving cultures out there that need new and innovative ways to stay great!

This hands-on interactive session with the first-ever board game designed to illustrate what is, and what is not, a great company culture to help attendees compare and contrast organization’s norm and values to discover how they can apply it for their organization’s benefit.

Why play “Company Culture – a Game of Workplace Traction not Transaction”?

This game is about getting people within companies to talk to each other. It’s about what we, as human beings, value and what people find important at the workplace.  It does cover some items from policies and procedures and U.S Federal laws, but what makes a company really great is its culture.  Culture can be described as the personality of the company.  While pay and benefits are very, very important, people want to be valued, to feel like they are contributing, that their voices are heard, and their presence is appreciated.  Create that and you’ve created a great Company Culture.
The workshop & game can be experienced in both in-person and virtual formats with up to 200 virtual attendees.

Here’s what your half-day workshop includes:

  • What is Company Culture?
  • What are the values we expect and the benefits of a great company culture?
  • How Will You Measure Your Initiative?

  • Hands-on interactive game-playing session. Dialogue, exploration, discovery.

  • Debrief questions and discussion
  • Identify and Brainstorm action
  • Make your company vision come alive – Create customized initiative(s) for your organization!

Program Takeaways:

  • Participants will be able to recognize several intended and unintended behaviors that adversely affect the company culture. They will learn experimentally through hands-on board game.

  • Participants will learn several behaviors that positively improve company culture. They will learn experimentally through hands-on board game.
  • Participant will debrief findings in collaborative discussion.

  • Participants create initiative(s) that can be immediately applied in their own organizations with full unique customization.

All of this great content for only $25.00!               3 HRCI Credits Pending!