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Clear (Life) Vision – Pun intended or meaningful figure of speech?

Focus on Your Life’s Goals and Vision

Do you have the vision to see what you’re doing? Is a clear life vision  a p un intended or meaningful figure of speech?

Recently I had coffee with a young woman that I know from an association I belong to. She’s an artistic person and therefore a little bit different from most of the people I meet who work in financial businesses, own restaurants, or are in health care, or retail.

Meeting an artist isn’t something that happens to me all the time and I really enjoyed speaking with her. But as we talked about her business I really couldn’t pinpoint exactly where she wanted her future to go. Like most artists she wanted her artwork to be seen on the walls of homes and businesses worldwide; but the big question was, how was she going to get there, and what was it going to do for her?  What did it mean for her future and for her life.

I wondered, do people who start a business have a clear vision of what exactly is the business supposed to do for them?  Clear vision. Hmmmm.

When I wrote my own personal business plan I wrote very specifically not only what my vision for the business was for my clients, but exactly what I wanted my business to do for me.  It’s a part of goal setting that cannot be overlooked.

And those are two very different ideas. My clients know what my vision is for my business and how it affects them.  My unique selling position has everything to do with what benefits them. But, they don’t know what my personal vision is for what my business does for me, nor do they need to. With one exception – I’m able to work the number of hours I choose and earn the amount I want.  I’m able to model the outcome and set the example that my clients want for themselves.

I look at my business plan every single day to make sure that I’m staying on track with my own goals and that my business is doing for me what I intend it to do.  It’s a habit I strongly suggest. Like an appointment with yourself.

If you’re wondering what I mean by my personal vision for my business and what it will do for me; it can be anything as specific as paying off your mortgage, within a specified period of time, being able to go on a dream vacation, buy that bright red Alpha Romeo 4C Coupe, or have the money to move your elderly parents to a high-end full care facility.

Maybe it’s not monetary. It might be to limit the hours that you work each week so that you have time for yourself or time to volunteer in your community.

Whatever it is, when you go into business for yourself you must have a very specific plan and a Life Vision of what exactly the business is supposed to do for you.

Do you have the vision to see what you’re doing? Having trouble defining what that is? Give me a call and we’ll talk about it. It’s easy to get clear vision focus when you have somebody to help you.